A downloadable Nostalgia Trip for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Remember those toys you played with as a kid? These are those. Play as your favorite Toa heroes and explore the mystic island of Mata-Nui. Find Villages, fight Rahi, talk to matoran, and experience quests.

The (Legacy) in the title refers to this being the Legacy/Original branch of the project, The rebuilt branch being 2.0, which will have it's own page once it is released.

This game is still in development! Any and all feedback is welcome!

Website: https://jojordan2.wixsite.com/bioniclemasksofpower

Want to Help? Found a bug, or just want to talk with devs and fans alike? Then check out our discord!

Mac & Linux only available for older versions

A Game By: Team Kanohi


Bionicle: Masks of Power V1.4 Windows
Bionicle: Masks of Power V1.3.1 Mac
Bionicle: Masks of Power V1.3.5 Linux

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