A downloadable Story Experence for Windows

Ever wanted to spend a couple minutes on a subway train, read a news paper and listen to the radio? Then this is the VR Experience for you!
The only destination is interpretation...

Train Trip is a short VR experience about riding on a train, you will try to piece together the story as you play.
I suggest you keep looking around while playing this, there are quite a few things you can miss if you don't see them in time.

If you encounter a bug please report it here or in the YouTube comments of videos pertaining to the game.

I'm open to Ideas for future updates, or future games I should make.

This game was built with an Oculus CV1, It hasn't been tested on other VR hardware yet, so feel free to provide headset specific feedback if you are using a different headset.

It is recommended to Reset VR Orientation each time you load into a new level. This game requires motion controllers.

A Game By: Jocool1231


  • R - Reset VR Orientation
  • (R&L) Trigger - Grab Object
  • (R&L) Button 1 - Distance Grab
  • (L) Button 2 - Reset VR Orientation
  • (R&L) Trigger - Click UI Button (When aiming at menu)

Known Bugs:

  • Sometimes things pop in when they shouldn't
  • You sometimes drop things inexplicably
  • Little bit laggy, especially at the end
  • The lid to the briefcase pops off after letting go


  • Jocool1231 - Just about Everything
  • Luxury Elite - Parkway, First radio song
  • Y8u332 - Play tester
  • Soulayee - Play tester
  • Micah - Play tester

Install instructions

  1. Download the .zip
  2. Extract the .zip to a folder
  3. Run the .exe


Train Trip V1.0.0 819 MB


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Very well done, enjoyed this a lot. Even when it was in it's alpha stages it was really atmospheric and spooky. Keep on doing your thing :D


Enjoyed this. Uncomfortable (in a good way). Briefcase towards the end that you can pick up was a bit clunky of an object, only small criticism I have. Minor nitpick.

Hope you keep creating :)